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Trade Execution
Equity Connect

Equity Connect® is an electronic equity order routing network that provides institutional investors with direct access to global liquidity sources. Through Global Link, Equity Connect offers the FIX Value Added Network (VAN), which aggregates multiple FIX Connections between buy- and sell-side firms. This single connection provides direct access to multiple brokers and destinations worldwide to help simplify, centralise, and reduce the expense of FIX connectivity.

Equity Connect also offers a sophisticated crossing network that provides institutional investors with quality trade execution and minimal adverse market impact. Orders can be entered directly into Equity Connect’s interface or through existing order management systems. Global Link’s team of integration specialists can incorporate Equity Connect seamlessly into existing workflow, allowing users quick and easy access to the benefits of the FIX Hub.


  • Access to multiple brokers, crossing networks, ATSs, and ECNs
  • Rule-based trading with customised strategies and cash constraints
  • Regional Direct Market Access (DMA) in the United States and Europe
  • FIX compliant and network independent
  • Rapid deployment and coordination of upgrades and latest FIX protocol development


  • Real-time feedback of order status
  • Provides equity research via the Global Link network that is derived from actual portfolio flow data
  • Customisable reporting for recall and auditing purposes
  • Automates integration of equities into an overall global investment portfolio strategy
  • Can be used as either a stand-alone application or integrated with existing order management systems



Through Global Link, Equity Connect offers the FIX Hub. The FIX Hub aggregates multiple FIX connections between buy and sell-side firms to simplify, centralise and reduce the expense of FIX connectivity. This is accomplished by using Global Link's Inter-FIX Routing (IFR) - software which consolidates multiple point-to-point FIX connections into a single connection. IFR is the gateway that bridges the gap between disparate versions of FIX and different interpretations of any given version of FIX.

Global Link's FIX Hub can be integrated to any proprietary or vendor FIX engine and their order management systems. For those customers that do not already use the FIX protocol, it is provided through Equity Connect.

Benefits of Global Link's FIX Hub

  • Manage and track buy to sell-side version and coordinate upgrades
  • Custom tags developed for trading strategies and special use cases
  • Single point of contact for both buy and sell-side firms
  • Automatic updates of the latest developments in the FIX protocol (e.g. FpML, FIXML, Fixed Income)
  • Range of products pre-integrated for investment professionals to utilise (e.g. Trade Manager, Equity Connect etc.)
  • FIX connectivity costs may be significantly reduced

Complex FIX Environment


Global Link's FIX Hub - Simplifies FIX Connectivity

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