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Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange

State Streets Global Markets delivers foreign exchange services tailored to the needs of international equity and fixed income investors, hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, currency overlay managers, leading asset owners and central banks. These services, focused solely on the needs of institutional investors, are driven by proprietary research, sophisticated global coverage, liquidity and trade execution, and technology.

State Street Global Markets' FX sales traders, expert in the specific currency-related needs of institutional investors, guide clients in the use of State Street's unique portfolio allocation and risk management technologies, and of our research predicated on proprietary investment flow metrics representing about 15% of the worlds tradeable assets. These new tools can be incorporated into both discretionary as well as quantitative investment processes.

State Street Global Markets clients can take advantage of new risk measurement technologies, as well as our award-winning portfolio flow research. Examples of available risk tools include proprietary measures of within-horizon probability of loss and our Risk Budget Tool (RBT) which enables currency investors to convert optimal portfolio allocations into Value at Risk assignments.

Our fact based metrics of investor behavior research includes State Street's Foreign Exchange Flow Indicator (FXFI), which measures cross-border currency forward flows, illuminating investor demand for and supply of 11 developed and 15 emerging market currencies. Our Portfolio Flow Indicator (PFI) demonstrates the demand for equities in markets around the world by modeling and animating global equity flows in near-real-time frequency.

These proprietary flow indicators are blended with other macroeconomic and currency indicators in the work of our worldwide strategy teams, in London, Boston and Sydney who advise clients and produce regular research publications such as Investment Climate, Global Research Insight and our flagship currency strategy piece, Global Portfolio Strategy (GPS). GPS provides currency managers with a recommended currency overlay for developed market currencies with updates every other Wednesday.

Our global foreign exchange trading and sales team is recognized by both real money and hedge fund managers for setting industry standards in quality advisory and daily coverage, consummate order handling and liquidity provision. A culture of customer service and market expertise supported by high frequency flow meters and attention to detail distinguishes this group as amongst the very best in the foreign exchange business. These high-bandwidth traders and salespeople work in tandem with our market strategists, quantitative researchers, technologists and middle office staff to focus the best of State Street Global Markets capabilities to the benefit of our clients.

Foreign exchange clients also benefit from our close coordination with our colleagues at State Street's Global Link® network - a multi-asset class electronic platform for order management integration, electronic trading and post-trade communications. Global Link's FX Connect® is the industry's leading foreign exchange trading system, providing real-time, fully interactive foreign exchange trade execution with multiple counterparties, 24 hours a day.

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